Our Story

One calling

One Mission

OUR CHURCH has been a journey of both faith and growth. Over the course of 5 years, God led Pastor Josiah, and Pastor Joshua to the Denver Metro to begin the work of planting OC campuses. The leaders of OUR CHURCH have left their families and homes, in their respective states, to come together in Colorado for a common purpose. That purpose is to plant OC campuses across Colorado and to display the Faith, Hope, and Love of Christ to all those who are far from God. The heart of OC is loving the unloved, restoring the fallen, and embracing those other churches shun. Our pastors want to plant churches that are more about what happens outside services than what happens inside services. A church; where everyone's gift is valued and needed.

 We desire that everyone feels welcome and safe at OUR CHURCH. We hope you will visit one of the OC campuses and choose to go on this epic adventure with us.